Here is Ji W's success story.

I travel frequently between China and Europe, particularly Paris for work. I find that to know English only is not enough not only for work - I need it also for social activities. I started to learn French at the end of 2014. Frantastique was recommended by some other programs I use on the internet. It just popped up to me. I tried the one month free offer and found it is quite suited to me since I can take the lessons any time as long as I have half hour or 40 minutes free. I then purchased one year of lessons. It has been 6 months since I started and I notice that I am making some progress with it. I have improved from level 2.4 to 2.7, and I am now level A2. I should spend more time on it and practice also whenever I have time. I like this program in general!

— Ji W. (Beijing, CHINA)