Here is Johan L's success story.

I'm a Swedish citizen. I grew up in Sweden and finished my school and University there. From 1988-89, I lived in Colmar, Alsace. I married my wife Cecilia in Colmar. We had our first child, a daughter called Amandine in Colmar. Unfortunately, we could not stay. We moved on to Munich where we have stayed ever since. Around 1995, I took the DELF test. After that, my French got totally rusty. I love French and we love France. I noticed a few years ago that I can not communicate properly with the French anymore. This course is a tremendous opportunity for me to catch up again. I love every lesson. However, from time to time I have to do the course on my mobile phone which causes a lot of unforced errors. Sometimes I get a lesson and I do not have time. It would be good thing to have an option to postpone a lesson upon opening it. Salutations, Johan

— Johan L. (Munich, GERMANY)