Here is Conrad C's success story.

We bought a house in Lot et Garonne and are very keen to move from Francophiles to Francophones (is that the right way around?) I have been a test pilot for the course in Qatar (although I am British), so I've only experienced 12 episodes (and I do feel like they are 'episodes'!). I look forward every day to seeing how the story develops , which is good because one is kept engaged. I remember the first episode thinking 'where is this going?! I am intrigued by the learning methodology of testing you on something before having been tutored. So far, at least, I have had a reasonable grasp already of the subject matter (usually 80%+ score) so it has worked for me to improve through error. I imagine however that when it progresses to areas not yet taught then will it become discouraging to get bad scores. I really don't know. However I agree with the very many comments that it is interesting and fun and well presented and the 'techies' are to be congratulated on the engine. In the early lessons, I found myself being being corrected for what (to me) were clear typos but that's probably expecting too much from the engine. Besides you soon learn to double check input. I do like the colloquial and idiomatic expressions ...if only I could remember them.. all in all, very interesting / good. I think I will continue, it seems to work for me, in conjunction with Coffee Break Academy ("other podcasts are available" :-), private tuition 3 times a week and Duolingo . Good luck and thanks to the Frantastique team!

— Conrad C. (Doha, QATAR)