Here is Joelle C's success story.

I was fortunate enough to discover Frantastique. For me, this is not only a process of learning French, but also a process of mutual understanding. The daily mail course is the best reminder for me as a lazy person. I learned French long ago, but because I haven’t used it for a long time, I forgot. am now living in a French-speaking environment every day. I speak French, French and French. It is constantly scouring my brain. I had to force my brain to remember more and more sentences. In fact, the most helpful is the daily revision. The revision process helps me to better remember. I have been using Frantastique more than half a year. I have been in touch with the French way of thinking, and have become more and more interested in French culture. French has her special sense of language. If you can explore the deeper meaning behind sentences, you may even smile When I came into contact with French, I would find that each country’s culture and language have her own unique personality. Even if it is a quarrel, it is not the same. Language is a bridge of communication. To explore more possibilities and find out the secrets, I really want to understand the French. Has Frantastique changed me? I think it's huge for me personally, as if you saw a light in the distance, and I know that's where I'm going, I'm a housewife who has been asleep for a long time, and now it makes me fee something thrilling! Say hello to the people who work on Frantastique! It was your outstanding work that changed me and my life. Thank you! . . . . . . 我很幸运的巧遇了Frantastique,对我来说,这不仅仅是学习法语的过程,也是彼此认识的过程,每天的邮件课程对我这个懒惰的人来说是最好的督促,虽然很久以前我有学过法语但是因为很久不用几乎已经忘得差不多了,现在每天的法语作业让我身处在法语的环境了,看法语,听法语,写法语,他们在不断的冲刷着你的大脑,我不得不让我的大脑强行的记住了越来越多的句子,其实最有帮助的是每天的订正,修订的过程可以帮助我更好的记忆。 学习Frantastique 已经半年多了,我从接触法语,到接受法语的思维方式,到对法语文化越来越感兴趣,法语有着她特殊的语感,如果你能探究到句子后面更深层次的含义,你会报以会心一笑。 当我在接触了法语之后,我会发现每个国家的文化,语言都有她自己独有的个性,哪怕是吵架都是不太一样的,语言是一种沟通的桥梁,一种线索吸引你去探究更多的可能性,找出其中的秘密,我很想搞懂法国人。 如果说frantasitique有改变我什么吗?我想对我个人来说是巨大的,就仿佛是你看到了远处的一个亮点,你会知道那是我要去的地方,我是一个沉睡了很久的家庭主妇,而现在让你感觉有很多想法是你可以去尝试的,我很喜欢我自己的改变,这的确是我想要的。 最后向frantastique的工作的人们的问好,是你们的出色的工作改变了我和我的生活,谢谢你们!

— Joelle C. (Shanghai, CHINA)