Here is Rosa K's success story.

Hi everybody, I was looking at the stories and didn't see anyone from Brazil, so here I am! I live in Rio de Janeiro and despite the bad news we share with the whole word every day, I confess that I love my country and I love to live in Ipanema beach. I was more afraid of my poor English than I am of my neighborhood! I've been studing for years but I don't feel confortable with my English, and I'm a kind of sorry for that. I'm addicted to walking in the sand and pilates, and also to cook special food no red meat, mainly breads and cakes, no gluten and no lactose. I have a page on Facebook where I share the things I cook... As nowadays I just work by myself as a baker, I'm also addicted to reading novels and seeing movies. I have two children: my daughter lives abroad and my son is married to a nice girl. Nine year ago, we adopted a little girl who is 10-years-old now and is our hapiness. I triy to enjoy life as best I can!

— Rosa K. (Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL)