Here is Hélène D's success story.

Hi! I discovered Gymglish because I need to practice my English. For my job, I have to write scientific articles in English, attend conferences in English and supervise foreign studients who don't speak French. Gymglish came into my life last October, and step by step, day after day, I notice that my skills are improving. My big problem is oral communication, and understanding conversations because of the various accents. Receiving a phone call in english scares me because I'm afraid of not understanding what my interlocutor is saying. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to practice English every day since the beginning of February. It helps in my English improvement, too. I try to find time for my Gymglish lesson during the evening or at the end of the afternoon. Sometimes, I have to postpone my lesson until the nest day, or the the day after, until I find enough time to do it. Then I play on the website with the reception days to catch up! This is actually why I have to stop my story now, because I have a Gymglish lesson waiting for me from last Sunday...and perhaps the lesson will be jealous if i stay a too long time with you! See you !