Here is bernard p's success story.

My son went to England for 6 months last year. He studied computer science at the university of Brighton and Hove. He received at the end of this period his BSc. I accompanied him on his move. Take the ferry, drive a car on the left, rent a room, open a bank account, buy a bus-pass: all the useful things of every day life in England. My language wasn't fluent, some memories learned at language school. and my vocabulary was very poor. Fortunately, all the people we met were very patient and kind. Except at the bank, the teller spoke English very fast and when I asked him to speak slowly, he smiled, pronounced a sentence slowly and forgot that we weren't English people. To spend this moving days, we choose the campsite Spring Barn Farm near Levis, a little village 20 miles from Brighton, in the English countryside of how I imagined. We discovered breakfast at the farm, egg, bread, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, and roast potatoes. Many things to say for this fist trip in Sussex. But is late. After this experience, I decided to learn the English language until I understand the oral language correctly.

— bernard p. (paris, FRANCE)