Here is Marina F's success story.

Three years ago I started with English lessons by Babbel and continued learning for two years. In this time there were many unpleasant changes in the community and I wasn't more satisfied with my progress. I cancelled my subscription and repeated the following year only my vocabulary. In this time I read only English books to increase my skills and had also some correspondence with different English people. But I missed the understanding of the spoken language, because I had nobody with whom I could talk. By fortune I became acquainted with Gymglish and decided to try it. My daily routine changed immediately from boring repetition to an engaged and inspiring learning. Now I don't listen any more to unintelligible gibberish but to a discussion which makes sense and amuses me. It's a daily pleasure! My health doesn't allow me to travel the world and to visit GB but I'm able to submerge in the atmosphere of my dream country. My age is 84 and I speak Russian, Latvian and German, some idioms and I understand French and Italian. Languages are my hobby and just now naturally English. Thank you for the funny way to learn it.

— Marina F. (Rüfenacht, SWITZERLAND)