Here is Michelle D's success story.

I guess you want the story in English? So here it is. I don’t know how interesting my story can be considering that there is no Dr. Donna in my life, no monkeys in my apartment. You might decide that my life is very boring especially if you found out that I was 76 years old. Well, let me tell you that you are making a mistake. I love my life, I love waking up every morning. Is it raining? Is it great and dull? Frankly I could not care less. Why is that? I know that my Gymglish lesson is coming up. Giving me the feeling that I am sooooo good in English with my constant 5.4 appreciation. Making no mistakes has become the goal of my life. I have the feeling I am 10 years old again, expecting good grades so that my mom will be happy with me. And it is not tiring at all, it is so easy. Yes, I would like the lessons to be a little bit more difficult so that I have the feeling that I am learning a little more. But there is no one to speak to and express my feelings. Maybe my story will reach its goal. Could you please, pretty please, make it a little more difficult?

— Michelle D. (Geneva, SWITZERLAND)