Here is Samuel D's success story.

I hope I won't sadden the team too much with my story. Here it is in a nutshell. Due to a severe cerebral accident I had to leave school at an early learning skill level (so my English was still poor). However for the few years I spent studying, English was one of my preferred courses and I was fairly good - with my father using this language daily in his job, there's no wonder - plus with the Internet and the most part of NTIC command use English so I felt a growing urge to understand all of it and Gymglish is a great firestarter in this purpose, not to mention the humor of Funky Friday and epic scope of the Delavigne Corp story. Moreover I'm greatly impressed by the efficiency of the user Workbook and must admit that it's rousing to see the email every day. And and... I already want to renew my subscription. Merci la Gymglish team !

— Samuel D. (Obernai, FRANCE)