Here is Thierry G's success story.

Forty years ago, I dropped out of school to join the navy. I was very young at the time and dreamed of travelling all over the world. These years were amazing but one of my rare complaints was my very bad command of the English language during the ports of call. Nowadays, I leave ships for years and when I go on a journey. I ride my bicycle, carrying my tent and all the rest of it, suffering of steep slopes and damned wind rather than sea sickness but unfortunately, I am still not fluent in English! So I decided a few months ago to improve my English... Great idea said my friends and, what's most important for me, big personal investment. Receiving my daily Gymglish lesson is a pleasure, really, even if my memory is not as good as I'd like it be. Each day in the morning (my memory is better in the early morning), for an hour, I learn the hard rules of English grammar and often smile or laugh at the Delavigne company's misfortunes. I don't give up hope when I take my retirement (as soon as possible !) to be able to understand and discuss with anglophones during my future trips. Nice day to you Gymglish team, and keep up the good work ! (the writing of the short text above was an interesting assault course...)

— Thierry G. (Vendée, FRANCE)