Demonstrative pronouns - der, die, das (him, her, it, them, etc.)

We use der, die, das etc. to emphasize something that has already been mentioned, particularly in everyday spoken German.

-Kennst du den Mann? -Nein, den kenne ich nicht.

-Do you know the man? -No, I don't know him.

This table shows how they change depending on the case:



  • It can sometimes sound slightly negative when we use the article in this way.

-Kennst du die Leute? -Nein, die kenne ich nicht.

-Do you know these people? -No, I don't know them.

  • We can also just use a personal pronoun Personalpronomen instead.

-Wo sind Anna und Magda? -Die sind im Urlaub. / Sie sind im Urlaub.

-Where are Anna and Magda? -They are on holiday.

  • The genitive Genitiv form must be immediately followed by a noun.

Ich kenne die Autorin. Deren Roman ist sehr bekannt.

I know the author. Her novel is very famous.

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