Gymglish lessons make learning easy and effective. Our aim is to keep learners engaged and motivated thanks to fun, short, content personalized to their needs. Meanwhile, our custom-built artificial intelligence engine works behind the scenes to make sure learners retain what they’ve been taught.

Our courses are used by over 3 million people worldwide, including over 6000 businesses and 100 partner schools and universities. Our language learning lessons include Gymglish, Frantastique and The Rich Morning Show. We offer Frantastique Orthographe for native French speakers.

We’re also putting the finishing touches on the Gymglish Studio, which allows people to use our learning technology to create their own course on any topic.

The Gymglish team is made up of 25 people of 9 different nationalities. We speak 10 different languages (not including made up ones like Java, Swedish and C++). Our head office is based in Paris, France with a satellite office in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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December - Gymglish et CPF (French)
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June - The World Cup of what? (English)
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June - Newsletter (French)
April - Frantastique a reçu le titre "Best-Of-Lösungen" par Innovationspreis-IT 2013 en Allemagne (French)


December - Gymglish et lancent l'application tablette Rich Morning ! (French)
November - Lancement de - formation au FLE (French)
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November - Rich L'autruche sur Dokéo TV (French)
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June - The Gymglish Party 2011 (French)
May - Newsletter (french)
February - Altercations verbales à l'assemblée - (French)
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December - Newsletter (French)
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January - Newsletter - Newsletter (French)


June - Les cours anglais Gymglish se lancent au Vietnam! (French)
February - NQT : Promouvoir 'concrètement la diversité' (French)
February - Press release - A9 rouge, impair et passe: Gymglish a 5 ans (French)


November - Le petit frère de Gymglish : The Rich Morning Show (French)
June - Gymglish dépasse les 2 millions de cours dispensés! (French)
February - Gymglish lance le site de la 'Delavigne Corporation' (French)


August - Entreprises & Environnement : Gymglish se met au vert (French)
March - Les cours d'anglais Gymglish s'internationalisent (French)


September - Gymglish lance une nouvelle offre : 'Gymglish & Teacher' (French)
June - Gymglish lance le 'Programme Gymglish Universités 2006' (French)


August -Gymglish s'ouvre au grand public (French)
July - Nouvelle discipline à l'Université Paris 5 : Gymglish (French)
March - Gymglish à l'heure du Droit Individuel à la Formation (DIF) (French)


November - Lancement officiel de l'offre Gymglish (French)