Talking about the weather

To describe the weather, we use impersonal, third person constructions beginning with il:
Il fait (literally 'it makes / it does)
Quel temps fait-il ? What's the weather like? How's the weather?
Il fait beau (temps). / Il fait mauvais. / Il fera un temps magnifique demain. It's nice. / It's ugly, bad. / It will be gorgeous tomorrow.
Quelle température fait-il ? How hot is it? What's the temperature?
Il fait 20 degrés. / Il fait chaud. / Il fait froid. It's 20 degrees / It's hot. / It's cold.
• II + verb
Il neige. It's snowing
Il va beaucoup pleuvoir. It's going to rain heavily / a lot.
Il y a + noun
Il y a du vent / du soleil. There's wind / sun. or: It's windy / sunny.
Il y a beaucoup de nuages. There's a lot of clouds or It's cloudy.
Il y a une tempête. There's a storm or It's stormy.
Note: It's more natural to say il pleut (It's raining) than il y a de la pluie (There is rain).

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