French lessons for everyone: levels & CEFR equivalents

Frantastique French lessons are designed for adults of all levels, except true beginners. Frantastique is ideal for students of levels 2 (~A2), 3 (~B1), 4 (~B2) and 5 (~C1/C2), and even for level 1(~A1) learners if assisted by a tutor or professor.

The free evaluation version of Frantastique serves as a placement test to determine your initial level and starting point for future lessons. Our intelligent software adapts to your level, objectives and weaknesses in each lesson.

Here is our scale of levels with their approximate CEFR equivalents:

Level 0   Beginner - NOT ADAPTED
Level 1 (~A1) Post-beginner
Level 2 (~A2) Elementary
Level 3 (~B1) Intermediate
Level 4 (~B2) Upper intermediate
Level 5 (~C1/C2) Proficiency

This table is only to be used as a basic guideline. Reaching a certain Frantastique General Level does not indicate or guarantee that a student will be graded at the equivalent level on the CEFR scale.

Evaluation & Progressive and continuous evaluation

Initial assessment - Start quickly.
A first assessment of your level and objectives takes place over the course of the first few days of Frantastique. This initial level is based on answers to questions within the first 7 lessons of the program, and is determined after completing the seventh lesson.

Continuous Evaluation
From the 8th lesson onwards, your level will be evaluated continuously. Your level will be calculated in real time as you complete each lesson, taking into account the difficulty of questions, the results of all exercises and revisions, your participation rate, etc.