Partner Space FAQs

How do I access my Partner Space?

When you first created your Partner Space, you received a welcome email. Within this email, you’ll find a link that allows you to access your Partner Space at any time. We’d suggest saving it to your favourites! Alternatively, you can use the ‘Log In’ button at the top of the homepage.

What can I do in my Partner Space?

Lots of things! You can:

  • Track your sales and stats
  • Access our brochures, Marketing Kit, content and tracking links
  • For language schools and teacher:

  • Add new users, new Pro accounts and assign licenses.
  • Organize your students and B2B prospects, create groups, follow their training and create personalized reports
  • Read an introduction to the Pro account (available for your B2B prospects)
  • Access the online shop.

Getting started

For a quick overview of how your Partner Space works, you can visit our Getting Started section. It’s available in the drop-down menu next to your name in the top-right corner..

I don’t want to receive monthly reports. How can I deactivate them?

You can choose which notifications you don’t want to receive by email (including reports, satisfaction questionnaires, reminders and student updates). Just visit the ‘Account Management’ section and customize your preferences in the ‘Notifications’ section.

How can I find my documents (invoices, purchase orders etc.)?

Quotes, invoices and purchase orders can all be found in the ‘Account Management’ section under ‘Documents’.

Can I track my sales?

Yes! Click on ‘Sales & Stats’ in the menu bar.

How do I invoice you for my commission?

Once you have a minimum of 300 euros of commission, you’ll receive an email requesting that you invoice us. These emails are sent on a quarterly basis.

What’s a promotional plan?

A promotional plan details the ways in which you choose to promote our services to your clients and students.

What are trackable links?

You tracking links contain a unique identifier that allows Gymglish to track your broadcast and sales performance.

What’s the Marketing Kit?

To help with your communication and promotional efforts, we provide a toolkit of resources including banners, newsletters, images and videos.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning allows you to combine our e-learning with a teacher’s face-to-face lessons. The teacher will receive regular reports detailing the progress of the students during their online course. Find out more here

More questions?

If you have any other questions, just get in touch via

More FAQs for language schools and teachers

How can I buy new licenses?

If you’d like to get a quote or buy licenses, just follow these steps:

  • Click the ‘Shop’ button in the top-right of your screen, and select who will be paying for the licenses (you can choose between you or your clients).
  • You can then select your subscription and finalise your purchase. (Note that you’ll need a signed contract before you can complete this transaction).

How do I assign my licenses?

To assign licenses, simply click ‘+ Students and Pro account’ in the top-right corner, then click assign licenses and fill out the form.

How to group and manage my students?

If you wish, you can create groups of students. Just click ‘Manage students’ in the menu bar, then click ‘Student groups +’ on the left-hand side and follow the steps.

I want to invite my B2B client to create their own Pro account. How do I do it?

Simply visit the ‘Manage Students’ section, click on ‘Pro accounts +’ and follow the steps.

How can I invite my students to test the product?

You can invite as many people as you like to test our courses. The test is completely free and comes with a personalized learning report, level assessment, and satisfaction questionnaire. To invite someone new, simply:

  • Click ‘+ Students and Pro account’ and then ‘Launch free test’ on the Partner Space homepage.
  • Complete the form.
  • Your invitee will then receive an invitation from you via email.

How can I access student profiles and track their progress?

If you like, you can follow your students’ progress, and access both their learning and administrative data. In the ‘Manage Students’ section, you’ll find two tabs: Administrative and Pedagogical. Find the name of your desired user and then click on it for more info. To find a name quickly, you can use the search bar at the top of the page.

Can I get a learning report?

You can access learning reports which include information such as attendance rate and training time over a given period. Go to the ‘Ḿanage Students’ section, click ‘Create Report’ and the fill out the form. You can create reports for both students and groups.

How do I edit a student profile?

First, you’ll need to find the student name using the search bar and then click on it. Then edit their profile by clicking on the little pencil icon next to their name.

Can I add an HR supervisor to my Space?

Yes! Just visit the ‘Manage Students’ section and click the ‘Add HR Supervisor’ button.

I assigned a license to someone by accident. How can I fix it?

To remove a license assigned by mistake, find the student profile using the search bar and then click ‘Cancel order’ next to the relevant subscription.

This license will then become available again (with its duration calculated from the date it was first assigned).

How can I see a student’s level?

You’ll need to ask that your student shares their learning data with you. First, find the student using the search bar and click on their profile. Then click on ‘Request Pedagogical Data’. The student will then receive an email in which they can decide whether or not to give you access.

Is it possible to organize a pilot program?

For questions regarding pilots, contact

How do I add students?

Just visit the ‘Manage Students’ section and click the ‘Add Students’ button.