Brevemente: Adverbs ending in -mente

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Brevemente: Adverbs ending in -mente

The adverbs that end in -mente are formed from adjectives.





If the adjective ends in a vowel (except an -e): we use the feminine form and add -mente.

Ligero ligera ligeramente

light (masculine) light (feminine) lightly

Educado educada educadamente

polite (masculine) polite (feminine) politely

If the adjective ends in an -e or a consonant: we add -mente.

Amable amablemente

kind kindly

Feliz felizmente

happy happily


  • When listing two or more adverbs, we only add the -mente ending to the last one; the others are listed in their feminine form.

La jornada pasó lenta, tranquila y plácidamente.

The day passed slowly, calmly, and peacefully.

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