The perfect infinitive: haber comido

The perfect infinitive refers to an action in the past.

Tendría que haber reservado una mesa en el restaurante.

I should have reserved a table at the restaurant.

It's formed with the infinitive of the auxiliary verb haber + the past participle of the main verb.

Hablar → Haber hablado

To speak → Have spoken

Comer → Haber comido

To eat → Have eaten

Salir → Haber salido

To leave → Have left

It's most commonly used to express regret or reproach someone for something they didn't do.

Tendría que haber cerrado la ventana antes de salir.

I should have closed the window before leaving.

 Deberías haber salido antes para no llegar tarde.

You should have left earlier so as not to be late.

Note: to express a reproach, we can use it by itself.

¡Tengo hambre! —¡Haber comido!

-I'm hungry! -You should have eaten!

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