The plural

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The plural

The plural is formed by adding -s, -es and -ces, depending on the ending of the term in singular. 

Vowel ending  (except accented -u and -i ): -s

Mi vieja amiga → Mis viejas amigas

My old friend → My old friends

Un sofá rojo → Dos sofás rojos

A red sofa → Two red sofas

Consonant ending (except -z) and words ending in accented -u and -i : -es

El señor → Los señores

The gentleman → The gentlemen

Un tabú → Varios tabúes

A taboo → Several taboos

Ese maniquí → Esos maniquíes

That mannequin → Those mannequins

Words ending in -z: -ces

Alguna vez → Algunas veces

Some time → Some times

Ella es feliz → Ellas son felices

She is happy → They are happy


  • If the word ends in -s and the last syllable is not accented, the plural is the same as the singular:

El análisis Los análisis

The analysis The analyses

La crisis Las crisis

The crisis The crises

  • So as not to change the way a word is accented when changed to plural, we sometimes add or remove the accent mark:

El jardín Los jardines

The garden The gardens

La imagen Las imágenes

The image The images

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