The ordinals from 21 to 99

These are the ordinal numbers for the tens:

20º (20th) → Vigésimo/a (twentieth)
30º (30th) → Trigésimo/a (thirtieth)
40º (40th) → Cuadragésimo/a (fortieth)
50º (50th) → Quincuagésimo/a (fiftieth)

60º (60th) → Sexagésimo/a (sixtieth)
70º (70th) → Septuagésimo/a (seventieth)
80º (80th) → Octogésimo/a (eightieth)
90º (90th) → Nonagésimo/a (ninetieth)

The ordinal numbers between 21 and 99 are formed following the structure ten (20, 30, 40…) + unit (1, 2, 3…).

21º → Vigésimo primero

21st → twenty-first

67º → Sexagésimo séptimo

67th → sixty-seventh

96º → Nonagésimo sexto

96th ninety-sixth


  • Ordinal numbers agree in gender and number with the noun they accompany.

María llegó vigésima segunda a la meta.

María came twenty-second at the finish line.

  • Primero (first) and tercero (third) change to primer and tercer before masculine nouns.

Es el trigésimo tercer concurso en el que participo.

It's the thirty-third contest I have taken part in.

  • In spoken language, we rarely use ordinals for such high figures. We just use cardinal numbers instead.

Este año, el festival celebra su edición número cincuenta y cinco.

This year, the festival celebrates its fifty-fifth edition.

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