Using piacere (to like) in reference to people

Reminder: the verb piacere (to like) has an unusual construction: indirect object pronoun Pronomi CI + piace/piacciono + the thing that is liked.

Mi piace Roma.

I like Rome (literally, “Rome is pleasing to me”).

To say that someone likes someone else, the structure is slightly different:

  • Piacere (to like) is conjugated so that it agrees with the grammatical subject, which is always the person who is liked.

Tu mi piaci.

I like you (literally “You are pleasing to me”).

Lei gli piace. (a lui)

He likes her (literally “She is pleasing to him”).

  • Note that the subject can come before or after the verb.

Lui mi piace.

I like him.

Mi piace lui.

I like him.

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