Training workshops

With 15 years of experience in the online language market, we have the expertise to help you create your own online training courses in order to promote student engagement, participation and motivation.

Step 1: Training workshop and prototype

Objective: Creating a testable Alpha version of your new course using Gymglish's methodology, approach and technology.

Gymglish provides:
  • Training on Gymglish’s adaptive learning engine and pedagogical tools
  • The keys to boosting user participation
  • A tutorial on Gymglish's simple Studio interface
  • The design of a prototype course with your content in the Studio
  • Testing of your prototype with a panel of learners
  • A feedback form at the end of the test and analyze results
  • A final report and recommendations for a marketable Beta version

Prices start at €15,000 + VAT depending on partner needs.

Step 2: Beta version and launch

Objective: Creating a marketable micro-learning course

Gymglish provides:
  • Coaching and assistance from both our content and technical experts
  • Technical and marketing advice to optimize your training course, with follow-up
  • Training and access to our Back & Front Office Infrastructure: customer and user pro accounts, online registration page, online shops, follow-up and analysis of the different phases of the product creation
  • The organization and execution of the Beta launch

Phase 3 : Growth

Objective: expanding and adding value to your training program

Gymglish provides:
  • Analysis of feedback, and adjustments based on user feedback and needs
  • Creation of new products using the same technology and methodology for new markets