Becoming a content partner

Our partnerships are based on success and revenue sharing. Rather than invoicing for our services, we'll bet on the success of your course and take a share of the revenue it creates. Your investment comes in the form of your content and the time you devote to editing it and creating your course.

Who does what?


  • Course creator
  • Expert advice and support in the learning method, course creation , publishing and biz dev.
  • Admin, sales and marketing infrastructure
  • Course certification tools
  • User technical support

Content partner

  • Supplying and editing content
  • Course promotion and biz dev
  • User learning support
  • Sales support

Revenue sharing

Gymglish gets:

33% of course sales revenue
This covers the costs of the tools and services we provide.

Content partners get:

67% of course sales revenue
For the contribution of content, user learning and sales support, biz dev and promotion

These amounts will change over time as your course becomes more successful:

- Up to 100k € of sales: 67% for you, 33% for Gymglish.

- 100 to 1000k € of sales: 72% for you, 28% for Gymglish.

- More than 1000k € in sales: 77% for you, 23% for Gymglish.

How does the payment process work? We’ll manage all the online sales, payments and invoices from your users. You receive a call to invoice from us on a quarterly basis, and will simply need to send an invoice for your share. Upon receipt of the invoice your payment will be sent.

The revenue sharing model suggested above is our default option, but we're always open to discussing adjustments and alternatives that you might feel are more suitable.

Keeping the rights to your content

Of course, you’ll keep full rights to your course content. You can even use them on another platform if you wish - you won’t be bound to work exclusively with the Gymglish Studio. No catch.

Protecting your user's data

We’ll collectively own the data of your users. It’ll be first stored on our servers but you can request a copy whenever you want. You can use this data to promote anything you wish (without asking us first). We’ll only use it to collect anonymous learning data and to promote other Gymglish Studio partners. Anything else, and we’ll always consult you first.

No minimum contract duration

If you want to stop working with us, there’s no minimum commitment and no notice period. Just stay with us for as long as you’re satisfied. We want you to stay because you get great results and love working with us, not because you’re in a legal chokehold.

Non-profit courses

If you don't wish to market your course (for example, you might want to use it to train people within your company), we're happy to accomodate you. We'll find a fair way to renumerate our respective efforts. We're also open to partnering with non-profit projects (independent teachers for example). Just get in touch and tell us a bit more about your project.


Gymglish will not divulge or communicate the information and content provided by partners involved in the project, and will ensure that this confidentiality is preserved. The only information that will be communicated, in full transparency with both parties, is the existence, if any, of several partners working on the creation of a Gymglish Studio course in the same field of training (e.g. the same language, the same field of medical training, etc.). Gymglish will respect the anonymity of the partners involved, but will divulge their existence.